IATA organized the “IATA AVIATION DAY”

21 de June de 2023 News

IATA (International Air Transport Association), IATA, organized the “IATA AVIATION DAY” which was held in the city of Guayaquil on Wednesday, June 21, 2023, the event was attended by several authorities and industry representatives: President of the Republic, Guillermo Lasso; Minister of Tourism, Niels Olsen; Minister of Transport and Public Works, Cesar Rohon; Minister of Environment, Water and Ecological Transition, José Antonio Dávalos, as well as the mayors of Manta and Cuenca.

The company Tababela Cargo Center, which sponsored the event, was represented by its General Manager, Bernardo Sevilla, as well as important businessmen from the industry.

During the event, panels and discussions focused on important topics such as challenges and priorities for air transportation in Ecuador, the need to be more competitive, progress and sustainability strategies, and agreements toward carbon neutrality, among others.

It was emphasized that the development ofthe sector requires joint efforts of both the industry and the state to establish common objectives, mainly related to the development of adequate infrastructure, connectivity, and regulatory frameworks to achieve sustainability, mainly focused on reducing air transport emissions by 2050.

Tababela Cargo Center TCC works in the value chain of the aviation industry and reiterates its commitment to join efforts for the development of the sector in Ecuador.

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